Do you know what a rocket is? A rocket refers to a cylindrical projector that has the ability of propelled to greater height by combustion of content in it. A missile can be used for space exploration because it is able o operate in space where there is no air. The dimension of this space exploration rocket is the height 205 feets and diameter of 12.5 feet, and the mass is 46,678 lbs. Initially, this rocket at the first stage the engine used was Russian-built RD-180 engine meaning that liquid oxygen and kerosene fuel it. Then there is the second stage of American RL10 engine which is the manufacturer of Aerojet Rocketdyne, and the fuel is hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

This rockets contains solid rocket booster which is required per mission payload they are up to three Aerojet Rocketdyne SRBs on the Altas V 400 series and also up to five on the 500 series. As a rocket space exploration, it has different successes that can be noticed, for example, the Atlas V of U.S Airforce that evolved expendable launch vehicle programme and which launching was on August 21, 2002. This rocket successfully lofted and the broadcast satellite into orbit.

Currently, there is a plan by one of the companies known as NanoRacks to turn used rockets into space hotels. This company is one of the ambitious company because it is planning to take booster and convert them to habitats in orbits. Additionally, NanoRacks plans is also to have space junk floating around in orbit above. This company is best known for making small satellites called CubeSats which helps to transform sections of this rockets into either storage containers, luxury hotel room or even orbiting labs. This idea actually, has followed the footsteps of NASA which were able to build Skylab inside a spent Saturn V rocket fuel tank which was designed on the ground and then launched into the orbit. Although it could be facing some competition of this concept because startup Orion span which hopes to start its luxury space hotel in the realm known as aurora station by 2022.

Moreover, NanoRacks is well recognized as one of the six companies that were partnered with NASA to look at the feasibility of creating different types of deep-space habitat. NanoRacks also has several possibilities of using revamped rockets which includes tourism, and also expanding the international space station hence orbit fuel depot for other space mission. We will be expecting a NanoRacks to announce their specifics before the end of 2018.