After first attempt of launch Falcon-9 FT rocket with Echostar-23 communications satellite, which was performed according to schedule yesterday was interrupted by heavy rains at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Launch was postponed to Tuesday morning hours, but still it seems that bad luck followed this mission.

This time instead heavy rains mission was interrupted by another weather phenomena. Rains were replaced with extremely strong winds caused by area of low atmospheric pressure over Florid. Launch preparations were halted already after all tests were performed inside T-60″ to launch. Weather forecasts seemed not to be favorable for following hours; low pressure area were moving over Florida and as showed forecast stayed for at least 24 hours, but SpaceX seemed to believe, that launch is still possible. Finally after next few hours Company confirmed that launch is postponed. For the moment most possible launch date is Thursday, 16th March 2017 – it was backup launch date announced before today’s attempt. Backup launch window will start on 05:35 UTC and it is planned that it will last for two and half hours. For the moment weather forecasts for Thursday are very good with predicted launch interruption of 10%.

At the moment SpaceX Falcon-9 FT and weighing 5.5 t Echostar-23 made by SS/L are remaining at Launch Complex 39A launch pad.