Meteorologists are still waiting for weather forecast when a weather satellite served a secondary purpose. A weather satellite is a form or type of moon which is customarily used to measure or check different conditions of weather and its changes. They are polar-orbiting and cover the entire earth. Weather satellite’s report is very essential in interpreting weather, volcano eruptions and many more. GOES-17 is a satellite launched by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) in March. This satellite patrols space, above the western hemisphere. It gives us advanced images and atmospheric measurements of earth. It provides proper atmospheric measurements, but now our focus and concentration are on models. GOES-17 is a present generation satellite, built by Lockheed Martin, based on A2100A platform. The useful lifespan of the platform is expected to be around 15 years. Weather satellites can also detect any changes that occur in seas, the initial detection being the Prestige oil spill. It happened in the northwest coast of Spain, in the year 2002. A European weather satellite ENVISAT, watched it with the help of an instrument called ASAR. We can also detect the pollution in weather and take necessary steps regarding this.

They designed this series of satellites so that we can improve forecasts of weather, ocean and environment, with the clear pictures. There are four categories in this series and they are as follows





GOES-17 first released some pictures, which were taken on May 20. They used a combination of infrared and visible bands of light, to take the pictures. For scientists, they give visible and clear explanation, which helps forecasters, to track storms in extreme detail. On-scientists are appreciating the images for their beauty. Let’s enjoy the planet’s beauty by going through the pictures. This kind of satellites can see more than a cloud and cloud system. All the weather information is generally collected using a weather satellite. Now a day all the weather satellites serving second purpose. Even Antarctic ozone hole can also be detected by a weather satellite.

Most of the people are feeling very excited to see these photos. They are giving a different view and varied opinion on the formation and structure of clouds. Earth seems to be covered by a beautiful layer of snow or fog which are clouds in fact. There are many uses of these pictures, apart from the beauty they possess.