When you learn and hear of the space war, then the images of the Stars Wars movie comes into the mind. You will think of huge space shuttles getting destroyed or some sort of dogfight within the space and so on. While the scenes shown in the movies are a bit exaggerated, experts do believe that a glimpse of such scenario will soon be witnessed in real life also. Experts like Michael Schmitt feels that we cannot avoid a situation where we will be witnessing conflicts between the different nations that will certainly move into space. Michael is also an expert on space war in the Exeter University situated in the United Kingdom.

Detailed investigation

You will be very surprised to know that space has been considered as one of the most important asset long way back. During the period when cold war existed between Russia and America, these two nations had thought of many space weapons. One of the most important among them was Rods from God or in other words; it was regarded as the kinetic of bombing weapons. It was thought to be unidentified bombing machine that carried along with tons of rod and dropped them on suspicious enemies. These rods gained too much of speed and strength while coming down from the orbit. But now these systems are abandoned since they are very expensive and more over the satellites used to carry them are easily identified and can be tracked down.

The recent development in space war has further enhanced the interest between nations. This is mainly due to technology upliftment whereby the attack by one nation on the other has now reached up to space, and every other nation is trying its level best to conquer the maximum limit that they can.

Concerns about Space War

It is quite obvious that Space war between nations cannot be avoided. This is bound to happen because modern-day military officials use space for showing their power. Starting from advanced satellite to highly technology savvy spacecraft everything is within reach of the militants. According to Schmitt, nowadays the reliability of space industry is absolutely incredible. According to him in any type of war, it is quite obvious that one side will do its level best to topple the other in terms of its capabilities and strength. So in modern day defeating someone through space war is on the rise to a great extent.