Tourists to space, can now very soon celebrate their occasions traveling into space with a glass of champagne to toast for.

G.H. Mumm, the well-known French Champagne maker along with Spade, a design startup have created the way to drink the liquid in microgravity. And the best part of all of it is, that it’s a lot more formal along with being celebratory than just inserting a straw into a pouch and drinking it.

The invented technique has a specially designed bottle to hold the liquid that uses the gas pressure of the Champagne to push it through a frame. Once out in the open, the hollow liquid sphere can be then captured by drinkers in a custom-made champagne glasses, the interiors of which holds the champagne in the glass using surface tension. 

The system is officially scheduled to debut by September 2018 along with the launch of the company’s “Grand Cordon Stellar.”

In a statement by Octave de Gaulle, founder of Spade, he mentioned that for the last four decades, engineers have been instrumental in shaping space travel rather than designers. According to him, zero gravity is not a problem what his company believes. Instead, it is considered as a design possibility. He also mentioned saying that, the biggest challenge for Mumm’s Grand Cordon Stellar was to get the liquid out of the bottle in space. 

As per Mumm’s representatives, Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar would be available soon for passengers on board the weightlessness including flights operated by the French company Air Zero G. Discussions are being held on providing this Champagne onboard for future commercial space missions. 

Mumm’s Cellar Master, Didier Mariotti mentioned saying in a statement that it’s altogether a whole different feeling. Drinking champagne in space is very much different from having it here on the ground. After himself sampling the Grand Cordon Stellar in an Air Zero G flight, added that because of zero gravity, the liquid once drank coats entirely inside the mouth, thereby magnifying one’s taste, experience and sensations. The fizziness up there is lesser, and generosity and roundness of the liquid are more, allowing the wine to express itself fully. 

Mumm isn’t the only company in the race to take happy hours to space. Australia based company – 4 Pines Brewing along with an engineering company has teamed up to work out some specially designed microgravity bottles for their ‘Vostok Space Beer.’ It was Budweiser which announced last year, that it aims to brew beers first on the Red Planet – Mars.