The defence military of Vladimir Putin released footage showing off the “satellite killer” – a kind of weapon created to destroy enemy spies in cosmos. 

The video highlights the rocket being loaded into a silo from the back of a gigantic loader truck. It then erupts in a fireball along with a striking flash as it shoots directly up into the sky – displaying the current outrageous military capability of Russia. 

The trial came amid intensified between Russia and the West over the positioning of the M16 double agent Sergei Skripal as well his daughter Yulia. Both parties keep at loggerheads – along with Russia contradicting any participation – as the world rushed towards a new Cold War.

A few Russian military whistle-blowers termed the missile “satellite killer” because it can blast craft out of its orbit. The weapon has the ability to shoot down both missiles and aircraft, and even ICBMs with countless warheads. The trial was performed the Sary Shagan trial range in Kazakhstan. Russian defence ministry sources declined statement further information of the confidential system.

According to Major General Andrey Prikhodko, there is a new upgraded anti-ballistic missile that has remarkably obtained its job and struck a conventional mark at the designated period. The weapon network is simply referred as the 53T6 in Moscow and is famous to NATO as Gazelle. 

The missile is reported by the Russian media to be a portion of the A-135 anti-missile shield created to safeguard the Kremlin against any nuclear strikes. It includes countless interceptor missiles and refined early warning radars. 

The current missile test from Russia came only after Vladimir Putin uncovered his ambitious plan to update the arsenal of Russia. He bragged of new-fangled weapons that include the undersea nuclear drone and “Invincible” hypersonic nuclear rocket Satan 2. 

Vladimir revealed his very own Satan 2 ICBM only latter week in an improbable experiment at the ice-enclosed Plesetsk spaceport located in northern Russia. This was launched for another time since trials started last December. 

Tensions have embarked between the West and Russia as Britain pointed the finger at Vladimir over the killing of the Skripals. The two Russian nationals were discovered collapsed in Salisbury last March after being confronted with military grade nerve agent Novichok.

On the other hand, Russia has suspected the West of playing the children’s game over the accident and even appealed the United Kingdom might be behind the occurrence. At present, it appeared that Yulia was provided access to £150,000 before she was poisoned – cash that had went to her late brother Alexsander.