Vietnam has got their engineers busy for this 2018 launch. The engineers are said to be working on this project while simultaneously being enrolled in satellite technology courses. This new satellite would be home-made in Vietnam and is scheduled to fly to space by end of this year. The data collected by this satellite will aid the fishing industry in Vietnam.

The satellite is named Micro Dragon and will be designed in Vietnam Space Center (VNSC). The team will have the cream of Japanese technicians. The space center has taken an extra step to further qualify their engineers by sending thirty six engineers to take-up satellite technology masters courses in five different universities in the country. This has been done since September of 2013. The course work has them designing, manufacturing and testing the satellite during their course work.

Micro Dragon design has dimensions of 50x50x50 centimeters cube or 19.6 inches and it`s total weight is about 110 pounds. When launched in orbit, Micro Dragon is to keep a watch on coastal waters and help locate resources for fisheries for serving the country`s aquaculture. Epsilon rocket of Japan is chosen to transport the satellite to space post the safety permit gets sanctioned from Japanese authorities.

Delving little bit into the country`s history, Vietnam had sent its first ever satellite into space in the August of 2013. Their first was name Pico Dragon. True to its name, it was just a one kilo machine that circled the space for three whole months. Even though Vietnam had launched four more satellites into space before 2013, those were not their own and were of foreign make.

Vietnam has their complete space plans chalked out. They also have LOTUSat-2 satellite in their pipeline. This big baby will be weighing 500 kgs and would be launched by 2022. Post the completion of this project, Vietnam would secure its place among the leading countries in the field of space technology, in the league of countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Let us hope the best for this country and its space explorations and hope even sky is not the limit for Vietnam.