Strike of workers at Guiana Space Center caused already one day of delay to scheduled for this week launch of Ariane 5 with SGDC and Koreasat-7 communications satellites. Now it appeared that management and unions failed to agree and mission slips to Thursday or even later.

Arianespace, Company which is operator of Ariane 5 and is main user of Guiana Space Center announced on Monday, that due the strike of employees, roll out of the Ariane with SDGC and Koreasat-7 on the top will be impossible according to schedule. Launch was postponed from Tuesday to Wednesday, but it seems, that again unions and management of Guiana Space Center failed to establish agreement. It is worth to remind, that Guiana Space Center is managed jointly by French CNES and European ESA. As most of the workers are living at Guiana, they are covered with special medical care system: Kourou Medical and Surgical Center (CMCK). This year process of privatization of CMCK should start, but workers were worrying, that after commercialization they will not be able to use medical care under present conditions. Also protesters are demanding to use local truck companies during constructing new launch center for Ariane 6, instead contracting companies from Europe. UTG, French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDTG) and Force Ouvrière decided to block roads around spaceport and prevented from rolling out the rocket from assembly facility on Monday, Tuesday and yesterday.

At the moment launch was set on Thursday (today) but according to local newspaper, France-Guyane, protesters made in the morning road blockades on terrain around Guiana Space Center. Roll out is probably halted again and it is possible, that launch will be delayed for another days.