To start with the emotions Tiangong-1 which is the space station of China came down to earth on April 2. As a result of this breakdown, debris was seen over a wide portion of Pacific Ocean which is somewhat 2500 in the south of Hawaii. But this information is only a beginning of a huge story. To be accurate there are close to 23,000 satellites, a huge number of rocket bodies and different other objects that are being invented by the humans and positioned within the orbit. There are other pen size objects that are being invented by humans and more than 170 million pieces of debris that are found.

Details of numerous such collisions

There is often the situation of some objects or matters are getting hit by some other objects or equipment in the space. There are a large number of such broken pieces or junk that is revolving around the planet at a speed of nearly 17,500 miles per hour, which is actually 10 times quicker than that of a bullet. According to Jack Bacon, if a 10 cm length of aluminum is hit, it will equivalent to the blasting of 7 kilos of TNT.

In this situation, it is very important to ensure the fact that devastating collisions are avoided so that scientists can still be vibrant enough to get into space without getting their spacecraft or other satellites being damaged. Now it is the time for a boom for the space industry, so it becomes that much important to keep all the related information pertaining to all the junk that is revolving in the space.

It is the US military department that keeps a close look at the objects or rather the junk that is present in the space. They in association with SSN share the related information to avoid any such anticipated collisions. The main reason why SSN plays a vital role here is it closely monitors the chances of any collision in the space. This is so because a single such collision would increase the chances of further debris and in return chances of future collision increases.

In one of the cases of Kessler events, it has been scientifically proved that one collision would lead to enhancement of chances of further collisions.

It is very important for all of us to know the fact that junk in the space is found in mainly two regions. One is in low Earth orbit and the other one in geostationary orbit.