York Space Systems is a Denver-based company that manufacturers small satellites. The company had teamed up with the US Army to launch its Harbinger mission in November of this year. Before the satellite could be cleared for launch, it had to pass several key technical reviews.

The US Army Space and Missile Systems Defense Command confirmed that the mission was on track, and that the satellite had passed its technical review. This means that York Space Systems is now set to begin building and integrating various satellite components. The launch is scheduled to occur on November 15, though the company has not disclosed which rocket it intends to use, though some speculate that SpaceX could be involved.

York Space Systems has generated a lot of interest in these small satellites, with the company claiming it has over 90 letters of intent to purchase from numerous commercial and government agencies across the globe. These S-class satellites are designed to carry small payloads of about 185 pounds or less. While the company did not disclose the identity or any of the proposed buyers, they did indicate that about 60 percent of them are US government groups.

The US military has discussed the development of an inexpensive satellite constellation that could be launched relatively quickly without a lot of cost in the event there is a threat. Despite these talks, they have not yet made any move to purchase these satellites or develop their own. If one of the interested agencies was the US military, it could mean they are advancing their plans.

With the Harbinger mission, York Space System plans to test and demonstrate each one of their S-class satellites. There are numerous features the company has made available, allowing customers to pick and choose the most appropriate ones for their needs. Each one of these features is set to be on display when Harbinger launches in November.

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