We always have enough reasons of looking up at the sky on that dark night. Sometimes we might be looking for the rare 2nd blue moon or at times just gazing at the meteor shower. Whatever the reason, it is good enough to keep you out late in the night.

However, sometimes we are always looking for enough convincing reason of leaving our comfortable coach and get to the cold fresh air outside our houses. The thought of the ever changing celestial geometry high above our heads would be motivating enough to just spend a little more time gazing at the sky.

During the month of April, the gas giant Jupiter is expected to form a fleeting and rare triangle with two beautiful bright stars in our sky. If you have the right information of where to look, this beautiful seen will be visible with your naked eye. This is what major astronomy lecturer Joe Rao is calling ‘Jupiter’s triangle’.

What to look for

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to enjoy this spectacular view even with naked eyes as long as you have the right information. One this you need to understand is that the ‘Jupiter’s triangle’ is generally isosceles in shape and it is made up of Arcturus and Spica stars along with the major attraction which is Jupiter.

The triangle will be best seen at around 11pm local time and will be facing east-southeast. You will need no special gear to look at it. However, a set of telescope or binoculars will make the scene more attractive to look at. The triangle will remain on the sky throughout the night. Last year, the triangle looked something like this:

The Jupiter triangle seems to point towards northeast. It has a brilliant yellow-orange star known as Arcturus of magnitude -0.1 at the vertex. The bottom of this triangle is formed by Arcturus-Spica and Arcturus-Jupiter. These two stars measures 38 degrees in length. The Jupiter-Spica side measures approximately 30 degrees long.

The most interesting thing is that the shape of the Jupiter triangle will not be constant. It will keep changing throughout the month. This means you will not have a reason of not looking forward to the next scene of your Jupiter triangle. It is meant to be visible until the month of September and other than the shape, it will seem to change its position too.