Since the US government has started sending humans to Moon and executing different missions to the Mars, a cold war between the strong nations of US and China over space exploration has begun all over again. China is planning to schedule its first Lunar landing within 15 years which is six decades post the last American who landed on the moon in the year of 1972. But China is not lagging behind concerning its missions of sending a man to the Moon. It has plans to send a crew to the Moon by the end of 2018. Other Asian nations, such as Japan and India, have their separate launching plans, but China it seems to be way ahead in its planning involving the journey to the Moon.

On another hand, China is believed to have launched the world first quantum satellite during the mid of 2017. The technology is supposed to transmit uninterrupted satellite communication network, thereby giving Beijing a clear advantage ahead of the more costly US satellite. US Vice President said on Oct 5th that Russia and China are trying to engage in space war and trying to attack the satellite systems as a part of their strategy.

Till date, no country has engaged them in destroying the satellites of other nations. Now a vast amount of communication is dependent upon the satellites that are hovering around the Earth’s orbit. In fact, the military forces are also reliant on these satellites for collecting various data. Thus there is every possibility that space will be the next target where the most robust nations in the world may engage themselves in war.

The University of Adelaide law school which is situated in Australia is trying to amend the various laws about the international space arena and the military operations. A team of legal, military as well as scientific experts from different parts of the world such as Europe, North America, Singapore, and China is involved preparing the draft manual.

The Woomera Manual which is named after an ancient Australian Military and Space Centre will try to frame the manuals by the previous drafts that had been set up keeping in mind the cyber warfare and naval conflict. The drafters are hopeful that users around the world will give proper feedbacks and subsequently agree on the legal principles framed to avoid space conflict.