The US Air Force is all ready to install different sensors on the satellites of the other nations to enhance deterrence and enhance resiliency. This move was very necessary according to government officials. It is done to protect the spacecraft of the US military which is circling the Earth. This decision is also taken to protect the spacecraft from the various enemy attacks and forcing Russia and China to ponder over the fact that will it be wise enough for them to launch a space war as per the official statement that has been released recently.

Air Force Secretary was of the view that if a particular decision can be made difficult, t will surely have an impact on the opponent side. This why this decision of attaching sensors on the satellite was taken to make the opponents aware that any sort of disruption and violation of rules and regulations will bring about a huge impact on the international forefront. The main intention behind this step is to spread out the satellites in a specific way that will ensure threat the military assets are more tough and resilient. In recent times the military forces have taken up this path so that the spacecraft can deal with the enemy attack more efficiently.

US military officers are quite worried about the fact that their highly expensive spacecraft which helps them to position proper coordinates, communication facility can fall prey to Chinese or Russian attacks. In order to counterattack such adversities, US military forces have taken up all necessary measures and have not kept them as a secret. They have become very firm on the fact of building such satellites which will be much more resilient in terms of hacking and jamming by the opponent nations.

At the convention event apart from this topic, several other agreements were also signed and discussed over. Among the agreements with the different allies for the purpose of the orbital partnership was executed. US strategic command added Denmark among the 13 nations, it also included two intergovernmental organizations and nevertheless 65 commercial satellite owners along with the operators as well as the launchers with whom the US shares various space data.

Mr. Wilson rightly pointed out the fact that they are now trying to shift the focus on sharing various data with their allies because that will allow them to judge their own capability.