Galileo-19 and Galileo-20 navigational satellites arrived inside Boeing 747 to French Guiana from Luxembourg airport at September 18, 2017.

Pair of satellites will be launched from Guiana Space Center on the top of the Ariane 5 ES in the third quarter of 2018 to enhance constellation of ESA Galileo navigational system. It will be preceded by planned for December 12, 2017 launch of four Galileo satellites (FOC FM-15-FOC FM-19). Recently delivered satellites were named FOC FM-20 and FOC FM-21 were manufactured by  OHB-System GmbH and SSTL which provided payload for spacecrafts.

Launch of another pair after four planned for December 2017 will be followed by launch of another pair of FOC satellites also in third quarter of 2018. With four launched in 2017 and four scheduled for 2018 Galileo constellation will reach number of 28 satellites in total. For ESA 2018 will be last year of intensive launch campaign of Galileo, as next four satellites will be delivered to orbit not earlier than in 2020-2021. It is worth to remind that in 2018 we will see probably Ariane 5 for the last time in the history of launches under Galileo program. For last four launches of FOC spacecrafts it will be replaced with Ariane 6 rocket, also launched from Guiana Space Center.