Russian cargo spacecraft Progress MS-05 docked successfully to International Space Station today after lasting for 48 hours space journey which started from Baikonur Cosmodrome. It delivered to International Space Station 2.5 t of supplies. 

To remind Progress MS-05 reached space on 22 February on the top of the Soyuz-U. Docking was planned after rendezvous with ISS lasting almost two days.  As usual Progress performed completely automatic docking without engaging crew members; it is worth to remind that procedures required to control automatic docking from Station. Two Russian cosmonauts: Sergei Ryzhikov (Expedition 50) and Oleg Novitsky (Exedition 51 were controlling Progress from Zvezda module using TORU console. Fortunately they were not forced to interrupt automatic approach and docking performed successfully 402 km over South Pacific at 09:30 UTC. Progress managed to reach nadir docking port of Pirs ISS module without any problems. After locking docking port and leak test crew members were able to open the hatch. In following hours crew members have started to unpack payload from Progress compartment.

Progress docked to International Space Station less than 24 hours after second attempt of docking performed by Dragon cargo spacecraft flying with CRS-10 mission. Both spacecrafts will remain attached to ISS for about one month. Progress MS-05 will remain docked for at least four months with first planned date of undocking in June 2017. Dragon will perform unberthing on 27 March 2017.