According to country judge, Hugh Taylor, the Federal Commission Communication has granted its access to Texas TV channels. The satellite providers and news stations can implement this. He said they won’t do anything at this point. The FCC has 120 days to review or deny the market modification after the submission of the petition. After the petition is granted, the satellite operators must reach the agreements with each affiliate stations. This process may take 30 to 90 days.

However, La Plata County, Colorado was the first in the country. It has requested market modification agreements from the FCC between satellite providers and networks. These agreements were set to be worked out after FCC had granted its petitions after 120 days, in March 2017. This primary purpose is to bring Denver-based TV access to the county. This was after the ten years of efforts to provide La Plata County residents access to Colorado news, weather and sports on television.

According to Taylor, “the process should be simple and comfortable with a simple communication between their providers and residents. He said its just very simple to get the signal after authorising the box. According to the order of FCC’s Memorandum Opinion that was adopted in June after the grant of the petition, the satellite provider must carry the responsibility of both the stations. It must be immediate for the subscribers who are only changing bills and operational. 

If the existing subscribers would require a visitor service or new equipment to access the station, then the satellite providers roll out for a service, this is the order added recently by the petition. According to the FCC order, the current Harrison County would require a second satellite DISH to receive the HD version of the stations. Further discussion stated that the subscribers would obtain the release of both stations without any kinds of change in equipment. 

According to Taylor, he received calls from other counties after the success of FCC, who is seeking interest in modelling after Harrison. Regarding the drafting of above petitions, he said only a few have done across the nation. Elected representatives support the petitions. The FCC’s Media Bureau stated the petitions on sought comment and public notice. According to Judge Taylor, there would be a period whereby for a rehearing or reconsideration of the FCC’s approval someone could file a motion.