BivyStick, a two-way satellite communication device has been announced today by Bivy, an application that allows users to find, share and record activities like biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, paddling and more. 

BivyStick has been devised to work with existing smartphones, that will offer all benefits of any GPS unit and a satellite-based two way communication device that can send SMS, track location information and share it, get full access to GPS navigations and maps, get updated with weather forecasts and even send notification through EMS in case of an emergency.  

Amidst the lack of proper network coverage in distant remote and hilly areas and the phone’s unreliable battery backup, this device could be of great assistance in helping you and others find your location and communicating with you. 

Vance Cook, the founder of BivyStick, said in an announcement that the device had been designed for the ease of use, and it was tantamount to the processes involved in its development. It came as a natural evolution for the team to create a device around the Bivy App and make use of an interface that everyone is very familiar with – Smartphones. He further mentioned that going out and distant is always great for the mind and the soul, and the developers just ensured that such thing could assist people to do it enjoyably and safely. 

BivyStick performs with linking the device to any user’s smartphone through Bluetooth or by a cable and has enough battery capacity and backup to run the machine for long, along with charging the smartphone in case if need be. Similar to satellite phones, it works in locations where cell phone network coverage is absent or weak, as it beams data to and from the satellite directly orbiting Earth and is not dependent on being in the range of the cell tower. 

In general satellite phones costs somewhere from $600 to $1700, depending on the network and requires to pay for minutes of all times, even if they not being used, at much higher rates, as high as $10 for a minute. On the contrary, BivyStick is priced at $299, and there are data plans that have been designed to be flexible and does not require an annual contract or subscription plan to be signed. Users can also purchase credits and activate them by turning on the BivyStick normally when they need to use it and turn the same off, when not in use. 

BivyStick Kickstarter campaign has been made live and will be running through till 30th July. The device is expected to get delivered by the year-end.