There have been plenty of debates regarding climate change. Data indicate that for people who seem concerned about climate change don’t seem too conversant about it.  For those people who are pondering whether or not we have come to the point where there is no turning back, the critical thing to do is reduce the impact of the damage done.  Even if one has done more harm to the planet than it would be advisable, it does not necessarily mean they should continue going down that path.

Trump’s administration is in the process of shutting down studies dedicated to examining the impact of climate change. One such example is NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS). The program has been responsible for collating all different sorts of data related to Earth’s carbon dioxide flow. Unfortunately, Trump has decided to shut down the program, despite it being extremely instrumental in the process of damage control.

Almost every organization in the world, even Trump’s companies, and US military has agreed upon the fact that climate change is a real and imminent threat. The fact is that NASA is indispensable to the scientific community; this decision will incapacitate scientists all over the world when it comes to studying and understanding climate change. It will jeopardize future advancements related to containing the damage inflicted owing to climate change.

According to Kelly Sims Gallagher, Tufts University, if emission reductions cannot be measured, it is not possible to be sure whether countries are adhering to the Paris Agreement. Consequently, this violates the utility of the Agreement.  The White House is systematically attacking any efforts taken in the field of climate science. This includes repeated proposals to cut NASA’s earth science budget and cancellations of climate missions for example the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 (OCO-3). Even though Congress defended mission cuts, a deal made in March 2018 had no mention of CMS.

Only last year, US President Donald Trump took the decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. It makes it the only country in the world not participating in it. Closing down the CMS is a huge blow. It will prevent other countries from acquiring data required for measuring emissions and coming up with techniques to combat and reduce them. However, Europe has a carbon-monitoring satellite presently, with more to be launched. Even then it is a dent in our collective ability to protect our planet.