After lasting for a month strikes in French Guiana, Arianespace suffered for delays in their launch schedule. Three missions planned for last weeks were postponed and Company was forced to launch them in May and June. Now we know precise dates of following three launches from Guiana Space Center.

Five satellites in during three flights in following two months – this is how are looking plans of following two months. Company announced on April 26, 2017 about their schedule. Arianespace managed to plan delayed launches without moving in time flights scheduled for rest of the year. It was possible thanks to break in flights planned for May and June.

First mission will cover delivering to orbit duo of communications satellites: Brazil’s SGDC and Korean Koreasat-7 on May 4. Next will be SES-15 satellite which will be delivered on the top of the Soyuz rocket. It was planned on 18th May. Last satellites will be launched during another joined mission. ViaSat-2 and Eutelsat-172b will be delivered to orbit by Ariane 1 on June 1.