Yesterday on 11th Friday, May 2018, there was an announcement by NASA. It was regarding the probability of the existence of water in Mars. That marked a milestone as far as discovering the origin of Mars is concerned. What did they have to prove the claim? The team found a diving board on the surface of Mars. As much as it is not only arid but also cracked beyond repair, that does not eliminate the fact that there was the presence of water once. It makes astronauts more confidence about its existence.  Robert M. Lightfoot Jr. had details too. Lightfoot is the acting administrator of NASA. Below are the things he told the reporters and other information regarding the matter.

First of all, his reference was study by scientists regarding the board. It involved studying various things about it. They include the elasticity as well as the length of the board just but to mention but a few. Going by the same, the depth of the water source did not exceed 8 feet. The source also had variance in depth. One end was more profound than the other. In other words, it had a slanting floor. In addition to that, a close look at it indicated that the finish of the board was damaged. According to the observation, the cause of the damage was water. 

Another piece of evidence was rust. It was not on the board of course. It was on the springs since their material was metal. Did you know that rusting happens if there is the presence of moisture? Basing their argument on that, rust on the board means that there was water.

There was more to the evidence of the presence of water on the surface of Mars. Some fragments were most likely of a lifeguard chair not far from the board. There was proof that with the aim of preserving it, someone dedicated it. Therefore, there was moisture that needed removal in the first place.

With all the above indicators, there are high chances that at one point in time, the surface of Mars had water. Does that also mean that there was life on Mars? That is something that Robert is not sure about as well. According to the findings, the presence of water does not indicate that there was life in the Red Planet. Due to the presence of considerable amount of chlorine, the water wouldn’t have been safe to drink.