The United States of America government has said that there are plans to start charging for the access to fifty years of satellites images of Earth. This is as the people in the academy world and researchers have better tools that are required to be able to have them. Department of Interior has requested a board that advice it on various matters to investigate what would be the results of demanding payment for the data that is usually collected by the Landsat application that collected set of Earth photos that are taken in space and are available to the members of the public since the year 2008. Since the year 1972, Landsat has utilized eight divergent satellites to get the images of the earth. The ninth satellite is slated to be launched on December 2020. Their data has been of big help to various government agencies. From the time that it became free, there has been an increase in the number of academics, privately owned companies, and the media people. By March 2018, there were over 75 million Landsat that had been collected from the USGS-managed database. The government has said that the cost of sharing this data has increased as more people has to access to it. People who want this free access to continuing has said that public has continued to benefit from various research and the business activity. The benefits have outgrown the costs.

The Landsat information has been of extraordinary esteem particularly for organizations that utilization machine is figuring out how to have the capacity to dissect Earth Imagery in light of the measure of the database. Despite Sentinel, being able to provide same data to Landsat, it only provides free imagery dating to the year 2017. The growing corporations of Earth imaging companies such as Planet and IceEye, also provide data that was captured several years back. Descartes Labs uses Landsat data in the training of algorithms that provides its clients with very important intelligence from the satellites that do monitor the Earth. This is just an example of the usage of Landsat data. A scientist by the name Karen McKinnon has said that Descartes would not be in operations if the United States government were charging the data. Karen went on to explain the mapping project which did need Landsat data covering the United States from the year 1982 up to present. Having a clear understanding of this would make it possible for the environmental researchers, and the city planners to work better.