The position of the Chief Operating Officer for United Launch Alliance (ULA) has remained vacant for some time now. The former Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dan Collins, retired early this year after serving in that capacity for 11 years.

The company has named John Elbon as the new Chief Operating Officer. John Elbon is not new to the space industry. He served as the Vice president and the general manager for one of the departments in the Boeing company.

As the general manager as well as the Vice president for Space Exploration at Boeing Defense, Space, and Security, he was in charge of the company’s civil space programs. He also supports NASA programs in his capacity. Some programs he worked on were directly related to the Space Launch System and International Space Station.

John Elbon has a 35 years’ experience at Boeing, and he has a bachelor’s Degree aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He is someone who has always supported the International Space Station and the researches the station embarks on. He is an active advocate for NASA programs to a point where he was against the decision to end funding of International Space Station operations in the 2020s. The discussion was concerning the commercialization of stations operated in low earth orbit.

He said that all investment would go to waste if the agency ends the funding without a smooth transition plan. He suggested that they get a stable transition plan first, and then they transfer the contract to a firm which operates a space station.

In a statement, president and CEO of ULA, Tory Bruno, expressed their excitement as they welcome the new Chief Operating Officer. He said that the company is glad to have a man with such plethora of experience joining their team.

He also believes that the company will move to higher heights under John Elbon’s leadership. The company which is striving to provide unmatched launch services to its customers can attain that feat under the leadership of the new COO.

Former COO, Dan Collins has also recorded several successes during his tenure of office. It was during his tenure of office that ULA both manufactured and launched rockets made by Delta line and Lockheed Martin.

ULA can boast of staff numbering about 3000 across the country. Most of the staff are employed at the headquarters in Centennial. The company has manufacturing sites in Alabama, Decatur, Texas, and Harlingen.