People were eagerly waiting for the new material day of the launch of Falcon 9 rocket. The day was Thursday 10th May 2018. Who wouldn’t like to see the supposed final version of the v rocket? The change it was to bring was beyond any reasonable doubt life changing for spacecraft. It would improve not only the performance but also the safety. In addition to that, it would make no less than ten flights. While at it, it would require little or no refurbishment. Wouldn’t it also boost the Bangabandhu satellite? That would mark the first communication satellite of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the launch did not take place. It was postponed to Friday as the officials stated. Continue reading to find out why and exactly what follows after that.

We must acknowledge that this is not the first time that the postponement is happening. Last week, SpaceX rescheduled the launch after the engine test. That is when the officials said that the liftoff would take place on Thursday. The venue would still be the pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Centre. However, the time and date changed. The exact time would be 1:12 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday.

After a wait full of excitement of the known becoming unknown, regarding the fate of Falcon 9 rocket, the day finally came. At the time that the launch was to take place as per the plan, everything seemed to head the right direction. As a result of that, no one would have thought of otherwise regarding the launch. They even went ahead and opened the launch window. It was 2 hours and 10 minutes long.

Nevertheless, the time of the flight changed. The new one became 2:47 p.m. That meant another wait. For the fans, it didn’t hurt to wait. As I said earlier, the rocket is historical in the reusability aspect, and nothing would change that. Despite launching 11 first stage boosters as of now, none of them has lived to see the third flight. Whether this will change is something worth waiting for no doubt.

Eventually, it also did not take place at 2:47 p.m. The officials had a new date in mind, instead. It was to be at 1:14 p.m. local time on Friday, 11th 2018. I wouldn’t say that no one saw that coming. The reason is that the delay would have spoken volumes regarding the matter. They did not explain why they postponed the flight. Now that Friday is finally here, we will have to wait yet again.