Everyone has a clear memory of the viral video from US Navy and the news it sent out about a UFO crashing down in the Fujian province. The incredibly strange report attracted millions of views and everyone wanted a bite of this latest development that had happened in China. People across the world got a little bit more excited about the whole UFO fiasco. All thanks to Hollywood that has made UFO’s an adventurous buzz so far. The twist was disappointing to many when the UFO in question was found to be nothing more than a big chunk of the twisted metal that was found sitting amongst the foliage. This chunk made news as a UFO is actually from the space but something that has more to do with people on the earth only.

The metal chunk was first discovered by two power plant workers in China who were travelling for a job. The large metallic cone turned out to be a nosecone fairing from a Chinese rocket launch that happened quite recently. The news was cleared by the country’s space agency after the UFO story travelled too far. The metal chuck is related to the Long March 4C rocket that was launched on May 20th with an aim to deliver one of the communication satellites into the orbit. The launch was conducted from the Xinchang satellite launch centre which is located in the Sichuan province. The launch was successful, but the space agency was unable to detect and track the landing of the nosecone which led to this entire UFO fiasco. 

The nosecone landed in woodlands that are somewhat far from the populated village in China. The nosecone made its way back to the launch centre later when the authorities meddled and recruited the villagers to take the metal chuck back for safekeeping. The relay satellite launch is part of the Chinese moon exploring missions. China has planted the probe to explore the far side of the moon which is not visible. The first of the kind exploration mission will be collecting data from the far end and the mission is yet to complete its timeline by the end of this year. China has embarked on a journey of many vital missions and is keeping up the face with the programs from united states and Russia. China has already owned the title of being the third country which has made a soft landing on the moon back in 2013.