Life in space is far different from the life on earth. Life of individuals in space and life of most astronauts is never an easy one. Every day, most of these astronauts are facing many challenges in their daily routine. Since space has a zero gravity, all tends to float into the air including the astronauts.

Here on Earth, people are stable as compared to the people in space due to the presence of gravity. Some of the most renowned astronauts are Scott Kelly, Chris Hadfield, and Sunita Williams. They have shared their recorded videos on space on YouTube. Before going to any space mission, astronauts are training for several months. After the training, the NASA is selecting few astronauts for a specific space mission.

Life on Space

During the stay of astronauts in the International Space Station, they have to continue their lives and work in a completely different environment. They still need to keep themselves clean and they need to drink, eat and take a shower and keep themselves fit and healthy. The weightlessness of the ISS only means that they need to adapt to all their activities in space.

Since the ISS is 400 kilometers away from Earth, every resource must be conserved. They have to conserve their resources such as water. Every astronaut on the ISS needs to carry out his personal hygiene. A small space must be shared by 15 people at the same time. In space, astronauts brush their teeth just the usual brushing of teeth on Earth. However, there is a difference. Since space has zero gravity, everything floats around them including their personal hygiene kits.

Eating and drinking in space is also a challenging part to most astronauts. The foods eaten by them are specially prepared for the absence of gravity is making the food float. Astronauts have the chance to choose which meal they want to eat as long as they will meet the daily calorie requirements which 2800.

Staying Strong

Since living in space is not the same as living on Earth, astronauts need to adapt to the environment and to their daily routines. On outer space, the blood and heart change too. When people stand on Earth, the blood goes into the legs. The Earth’s gravity work to move the blood around the body. However, in space, the blood moves to the head and upper body.

When these astronauts come back to Earth, they don’t have sufficient fluids inside their body. It will take their body several days to bring back the water and allow blood to properly circulate on their body. They need to rest their bodies to make new water and blood. Understanding these things will make us aware of the truth about the life of astronauts in space.