Kenya has been able to witness overtopping of bridges, roads getting impassable because of floods, parents finding it difficult to report to work and school getting closed due to various floods. This has had a very serious economic impact as a result of an increase in climate change. Many people usually depend on the predictable weather changes. Among these people includes small-scale farmers that depend on the natural rainfall, villagers who do rear cattle and the many people who are getting ill of insect-borne diseases that come as a result of global warming. The Kenyan Government has been able to make history for deploying its debut satellite that was made in the country to space. This took place at Tsukuba Space Center. This Nano-Satellite was made by students and the scientist of the University of Nairobi together with Japanese Space Agency. The little satellite will be for space observation and the tracking of the coastline.  Kenya did launch the ‘Africa Regional Data Cube’, an earth observation and satellite initiative. African countries: Ghana and Senegal will be included in this initiative and work Kenya closely. Other African Countries are expected to follow.

The satellite imagery in a very close way that does allow the users to quickly see and get an understanding of the physical changes across the land. This tech will play a vital role in helping the understanding of how the land is being utilized. This will help in coming with various measures that will help in reducing the climate change and increase the production of sustainable food. Data Cube will enhance the success of food security as one of the pillars of economic development. This is a clear sign that Kenya understands the merits of earth observations and that it is ready to invest in creating the necessary capacity for the data analytics and spur various innovations. There was very intensive training that was led by the National Aeronautical Space Agency, will have the success in enabling the technology fully operational to a limited number of users. The plan is being made to have researchers and campaigners, even the farmers in the filed in the coming years. Utilizing satellite data for the development is not about just observing the changing seasons. It involves giving of insights that will be used to come up with activities that will boost the economy. Imagery of satellites will done without Kenya incurring any cost.