Considering the need of help, to perform monotonous and tedious jobs, humans have come a long way making machines and now robots. For cleaning and medical treatments, we have heard about the use of these mechanical hands, but can these be implemented in the food industry too? Yes, in China, yellow robots are being prepared to deliver snacks to your house. In Beijing, a cubical shaped robot having yellow and black color was wandering in the streets to provide food to people. 

It must be quite a view to seeing this happening, but what captured everybody’s attention was the precision with which the robot named ‘little yellow horse’ was working. It carried drinks, fruits and other snacks from the local store named ‘Kafka’ and delivered them to their destination. 

The robot has an inbuilt GPS navigation system that allows it to find its way towards the destination. It also has a camera and a radar system. The robot seems to be the future of logistics. It successfully delivered several packages, and it is anticipated that soon, it could provide one billion bags every day. It can cover a distance of about three kilometers every hour as its average speed is 2 miles per hour. There is a lot of improvement that needs to be made to the robots speed. But since it successfully delivered nuts and other such orders, it is good enough to find him knocking at your door and fulfill your request. 

The Chinese people incline cashless payments and use of smart cards for purchasing goods. The robot, therefore, is an excellent alternative to human-made delivery. It can although cannot go upstairs to make the distribution, still the people living on the ground floor found it faster and convenient. As per a customer, it is a practical solution.

China is home to the world’s biggest online market, which means a large number of logistics companies are also required there. The manual mode of working has been there for centuries but implementing these robots in the supermarket as well as online portals can change the way we shop. Liu Zhiyong, founder, and CEO of Zhen Robotics has manufactured this robot as well. He sees hope in this creation. His estimate of deliveries increasing to one billion every day in comparison to the hundred billion every day has pointed towards the need of some help in the delivery system. 

Since the robot moves on the pavements, he faces no traffic or such obstacles and makes the delivery efficiently. Even finding the way for him is easier once he maps an area. The robot weighs around 30 kgs and has a top speed of 12 kmph.