The worldly superpowers, as all know, China and Russia have more focus on the weapons that can countervail other’s satellite instead of destroying atomic warheads on space. The destructive capabilities of Russia, China, North Korea along with the world powers poses threat to American space dominance. When the test of 2007 by the Chinese is referred to by the Pentagon leaders, it reminds us of the kinetic anti-satellite weapon demolishing the equipment detritus in the orbit.

In the present year of 2018, the techniques of warfare are more progressive. The trending techniques of electronic warfare like jamming which mean causing interference in the usage of their equipment, using the energy of different frequency to overpower signals or by hacking by gaining unauthorized access to the operation.

This non-energetic approach relinquishes the equipment unproductive than destroying it completely. The strategy requires intelligence but is economical. The countries have a sharp idea on how they should implement their capabilities in the space.

Brain Weeden says that with the growing development of the technologies of counter space, the probability of cold war is at its heights. For the nounce, it is a relief that it is limited to the non-active energy types.

The key players today in the counter space armament race are:

  • Since the 2007 incident, China has non replicated its activity of demolishing satellite on space, which was globally condemned by all. But, it has not reduced its capability of development.
  • Russia has plunged heavily on thermionic warfare and it has the capabilities of jamming satellites over a wide range from the known and secured ground station.
  • The United States poses highly advanced technologies which would help them intrigue prospective system on geosynchronous orbit and also possess the equipment to disable the satellites with the minimum methods and procedure. This includes an interim system of missile defense for using as resistance to the satellites.
  • Other countries include Iran (unlikely to establish an anti-satellite structure of weapons but carries restricted GPS jamming potentials), North Korea (not stimulated to forming devoted counter space technology but can excel if it chooses to).

The focus is now on imitating the work of the others. Noticing the trend of the past few years, the Pentagon officials have been aware of conversing on the issue of space potential war. Recently, it is observed in the Americans reduction of funds.