Questions are always being raised on China’s space projects. The Chinese government is privately becoming more subtle. With the increasing investment in the space project, there has emerged difficulties in finding a difference in calm research works and the usage of explosives. The united states are facing a serious threat from the increasing rate of the armament race in the outer space.

The term Counter space is being used to signify the equipment which is being implemented to delude, oppose, disrupt, degrade or devastate the spacing mechanism. The technologies used may not be advanced but the situations surrounding them are new as stated by Victoria Samson along with Brain Weeden.

China along with the United States has made the outer space dominion their military etiquette. Through several documents, it is evident that China is using superiority in space by implementing defensive and offensive measures. It is not clear whether China is intending to undertake offensive weapons in the time to come or it has the weapons as a restraint against the US.

The space projects conducted by Russia has targeted to bring the country to act as a powerful body in space. Russia is using the nonviolent way and is constructing orbital Vehicles. The country is determined to continue with its establishment efforts whereas its military capabilities are questioned. Russia is having a congregation of technologies which can be used in jamming of the GPS in the vicinity. Russia does not possess the capacity to use radio frequency interference for the GPS satellite systems.

The space ambitions by North Korea has not yet been demonstrated. The country does not seem interested in establishing counter space assets. The jamming capabilities of North Korea is centered within the regional area. Their military capacities against the US is known by none.

India has also emerged as a powerful body and its focus is mostly on the uses of civil techniques in space. Its primeval missile program for defense is been regarded as indiscernible anti-satellite capabilities. The Indians are gaining by dispatching satellites of other countries which shall help them to create a formal counter space project.

The United States has found a list of modernized capacities that is going to facilitate them during conflicts. The researchers were not competent in finding the proof from the open source. The United States is having enough resources for defending the GPS mechanism when attacked.

Space is not a personal domain of any country or of intelligence services and the military. The economy is dependent on space capabilities and global society. A conflict in the future can cause a large-scale negative impact on the countries.