Technology makes life fun and worth living. Things could be so boring if everything remained constant. Actually we could all have no drive of making things better and raising the bar. Human beings would be satisfied with just enough.

The improved and constant change in technology pushes us to wanting to have more than enough. We want to remain relevant in the society and so are forced to work harder and invest more in the world around us. When people are talking about their next visit to the moon, you want to be on the forefront. When they start discussing about the fun of a jet flight you want to have a word or two to say and so forth.

Why look forward to the arrival of a quieter jet?

Truth be told, jets are the noisiest kind of airplanes. This is mostly due to the speed it travels at and the model of its engine. For that reason, an inventory of a quieter jot would be a great achievement to SpaceX and any other company excited in universe-related research.

Lockheed Martin has been awarded quarter-billion dollar contract by NASA to develop a supersonic jet airplane. This unique jet will be able to break the sound barrier devoid of any ear-splitting boom. The contract was valued at 247.5 million dollars.

This contract states that Lockheed’s Palmdale which is based in California will build a trial aircraft. The experimental aircraft is known as X-plane within the aeronautics industry. This airplane produces minute sound compared to the usual sonic boom produced by jets. It simply sounds like a car door closing.

According to reports released by NASA and Lockheed, the new jet is a low-boom flight demonstrator which aims at providing regulators with useful data. The new data will work as a guide for them as they plan to implement new rules governing supersonic flights.

Federal Aviation Administration of the United States banned supersonic airplanes over land by private and commercial aircraft since 1973. The new release of a quieter supersonic flight will make it things easier for NASA since the new plane will be acceptable. The new produced will be acceptable commercial supersonic noise that will surpass current set regulations.

The set quieter supersonic jet will be flown over 4-6 cities in the US which have not yet been selected. They will then collect data and the findings delivered to the International Civil Aviation Organization as well as the FAA by 2025.