On Monday, the scientists of the Ohio State University had a big day. The group that refers to its self as COLUMBUS, Ohio launched their debut satellite into space. Its name is CubeRRT. The origin of the name is a video game that was the household name back in the 1980s. It goes by the name Q-Bert. How did it find its way into space? What is the mission of this satellite? Those questions may plague anyone. That is why I am doing what we do best. We will look at the details as well as the answers.

How can researchers counteract noisy radio transmissions? It is not a secret that such a situation can affect or interfere with detections of the space happenings for those on earth. After a long struggle with the same, researchers can now smile.  The technology on the CubeRRT could be the long-awaited solution.

Do you know about the launch by the Antares 5 rocket? If the answer is an emphatic no, let me enlighten you. Yesterday, there was the launch of the Antares rocket of NASA. It took a plane at the Wallops Island Research Station, Virginia. The time of the occurrence of the event was around 4:30 a.m. Now that you know, there is some additional information. That is the rocket that propelled the CubeRRT satellite to the orbit together with other contents.

Both Chris Ball and Joel Johnson were in attendance at the launch. According to Joel, the size of the satellite is similar to that of a shoe. What? You heard me right. Nevertheless, do not underestimate its capability. None of the two aspects have something to do with the other. There is much that it can do and the equipment inside will facilitate various activities. They include the measurements of the temperature of the surface as well as the atmosphere of the Earth.

Mark Andrews had something to say about the radiometer. He is one of the associates of an OSU research. He said that it falls into the category of cameras. All you get is flashes of light as the device takes the measurements.  When you think of it, imagine television, satellite communications as well as cellphones among other gadgets that operate wirelessly.

According to Andrews, their hope depends heavily on the outcome of the mission. The reason is that it will clear everything and that will help them move forward. We wish them all the best and may the task be a success.