NASA’s quest to get detailed know-how about the moon never seizes, and with the advent of the lunar “Gateway” program, the whole process gets strengthen. NASA could be seen returning to the moon in the year 2019.

The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway program could become one of the best platforms to study the deep-space environment. Also, with its help, it could become profoundly easy for the astronauts to move to and fro from Mars. So, it would be a dual area of study and would help in other programs as well.

The Space Symposium conference held in Colorado Springs, Colorado was attended by many distinguished scientists. Associate Administrator William Gerstenmaier present there told that NASA would first of all spend for power and propulsion elements. After that, the next steps will be taken. With the advent of 2022, the moonward launching will be initiated.

As per William Gerstenmaier, “By 2025 the platform would start orbiting the moon. It is intended that it will comprise a crew of four astronauts. The whole expedition will be of 30 days and hopefully be a success.”

The whole program will help NASA to land another human in the moon where a detailed study can be done on different aspects. The Gateway will be operated to work more on the issue of Mars, and how to and fro movements can be made. It will help to make clear whether the water near the surface is useful for making propellant or not. If yes, the deep space missions could be accomplished easily. It will also help to reveal how the re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere could be facilitated.

He further added that The Gateway could become the ultimate way to understand the complexities of orbital mechanics around the moon. Since gravity didn’t play a much significant role in the place, operating things become completely different as what is done from the Earth’s deep gravity points.

Lockheed Martin Corp. that has assembled the spacecraft Orion will be used for the trips to the Gateway. Orion will first leave to the destination without any crew member most probably in the next year. Later with the success astronauts will board the craft and will leave for the mission.

Since the lunar platform comes under the NASA’s budget extra funding won’t be required. NASA believes on strategic principals, and this is the reason why its deep-space missions are exclusive added Gernstenmaier.