Earlier this year on January 8, space X launched its satellite called Zuma. The particular agency in charge of this project is not yet disclosed to the public not the motive behind the launching of the satellite. However this assignment has brought a lot of controversies as it has not gone so well with them.

There were rumors that space X had mishandled the launch of the mysterious spacecraft. Nevertheless, this information was not accepted by space X and the government investigators are looking into the matter keenly.

It is resolved that a layout at the peak of the rocket called the payload adapter was the cause of the failure as it didn’t position the satellite into the orbit. On January 7th, space X launched Zuma on top of its falcon 9 rocket. Days after news erupted that the satellite had fallen to earth blazing up in the airspace just after the operation.

Gwyne Shotwell who is the president of space X clarified that the rocket functioned as it was expected to perform. On the other hand, Northrop Grumman contractor who is believed to be the one responsible for the building of the adapter also confirmed that space X is not the cause of the death of Zuma. But the report from experts theorized there after that perhaps the payload adapter that was used to detach the space craft had failed to disconnect the satellite once in orbit.

According, to Wall Street Journal, the adapter used to make the satellite disconnect from the rocket didn’t work after it placed into the space. The report claim that, the rocket pulled down Zuma to the atmosphere and finally disconnected from the rocket. It also speculated that the design of the satellite made it possible for it to be ruined due to the vibrations.

Meanwhile, this failure has brought a bad picture to Northrop Grumman contractor as it tries to launch other spacecrafts. A couple of questions have been raised concerning the company’s ability to launch satellites. These reports have not discouraged them they are working hard to make sure that no more delays and mistakes will be evident in their missions.

Their motive is now focusing on putting the best expertise together and researching the best ways to make it possible for their company to rise up to its original course and purpose in space exploration. They have decided that critics will not discourage them in any way.