After a delay of the launch, rescheduled from Sunday to Monday, the wait is finally over. An upgrade of the Antares rocket was planned to lift up today. It has propelled the Cygnus cargo ship, eventually. The venue was as per the earlier plan  Wallops Island, Va. Its mission is to take cargo to the International Space Station. The total weight of the load was about three tones. The contents included three small satellites, spare parts, science gear as well as supplies for the crew. Below are all you need to know about it.

The sky of Virginia was different on the morning of 21st May 2018. That is all thanks to the launching of the Orbital ATK Antares rocket. The time of the incident was 4:44 a.m. EDT. The exact location was the Pad-OA of the Wallops Flight Facility of NASA. It took 9 minutes to reach the orbit. It should arrive at its destination, International Space Station, on Thursday 24th May 2018.

Once the spokesman announced that Cygnus spacecraft had reached the orbit, he went ahead to add some remarks. In the pleasurable remembrance of Mr. J.R. Thompson, he wished the cargo ship a lovely journey. Thompson was the fifth director of Marshall Space Flight Centre. For three years, he served the position at Huntsville. Alabama. In addition to that, he shared a name with the spacecraft, Cygnus. In honor of his name, Orbital ATK gave it the name S.S.J.R. Thompson. It is apparent that his name still reigns despite succumbing to his death in November of last year.

People residing along the East Coast of the United States had an opportunity to watch it lift off. There was an expectation of over two thousand spectators at the Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center of NASA. One of the spectators, someone who is hard to go unnoticed, was Jim Bridenstine. The new administrator saw to it that he attended the occasion in person.

By undertaking the mission today, that shows that the company is honoring their end of the bargain. Not long ago, they signed a contract with NASA for eleven missions. The one that occurred today is the ninth. It is also the seventh that the Antares rocket has handled. In case you are wondering about the other two, let that not plague at all. Atlas V rockets carried them out. There is two more left, and all the best as the company does the launches.