NASA’s is still undergoing preparation to launch INSIGHT into Mars. This will be one of a kind spacecraft that is ranked to be the first one ever from the West Coast. Exploring inside and outside mars is the main plan to be undertaken during this project. It is set to survey the interior of the rocky planets. Insight represents Interior Exploration by using Seismic Investigation. How and what constitutes mars and other earthly bodies are the keys to the mission.

The operation is outlined to investigate the Elysium Planitia area located in the northern hemisphere. The operation will be conducted and data will be collected to help in analyzing, calculation and monitoring of the planet at hand. This information helps to determine a couple of things:

  1. Discover the size, compound, and state of the interior of the planet.
  2. Examine the width and structure of the outer layer.
  3. Calculate the rate of the thermal inside the planet.
  4. Monitor the rate of the seismic activities inside the planet.

A tour on the outside part of the planet will be taken to study the surrounding and also to calculate the way the planet rotates. Information that will be acquired from the surveys will be combined in order to know the evolution of mars and the other terrestrial ecosystems like the moon.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is said to launch this spacecraft on 5th May this year. The rocket will jet across and above its pad and start a pitch-and-yaw motion to place itself on an orbit in the direction of the earth south pole. The spacecraft is then expected to disconnect from the rocket about 93 minutes after the process.

The Insight which is a robotic probe lander created to help scientists learn the interior of mars was manufactured by Lockheed Martin space systems will be armed with a seismometer that will calculate the movement of the ground caused by an earthquake, an eruption of volcanic or explosives. This data will give clues on what really forms mars. Avionic technology and other present instruments will be at work in the whole survey mission.

This launch will help the scientist have a clear picture of not just the earth, but the ecosystem at large. They will be able to perform a scientific procedure to study mars and its environs. This field of space exploration is essential as new discoveries will be seen as days go by.