NASA is still undergoing preparation and system analysis to launch their Insight to Mars. This spacecraft is one of a kind spacecraft for this will be the first that will come from the West Coast. The main objective of the mission of to explore both the inside and outside of the planet Mars during the mission. It was also expected to survey interior part of the planet.

The planned operation aims to examine the Elysium Planitia, an area which is located in the Northern Hemisphere. During the mission, data will be collected, and this will give them to the calculation and analyzation of the planet Mars. This information will aid NASA with the discovery of the compound, the interior state and the size of the planet. This will also help them calculate the rate of the energy thermal of the planet and to examine the structure and width of the planet’s outer layer. The mission will also enable them to monitor the seismic activity rate of Mars.

Atlas V will also tour the outside part of the planet where its duty is to observe the surrounding and determine how the planet rotates. All the information that will be gathered will be combined to know the ecosystem and the evolution of Mars. The said launch will soon happen this year according to the United Launch Alliance (ULA). The spacecraft will come across, and it will place itself in the orbit of the earth’s south pole. The spacecraft is also expected to disconnect from its rocket for about 93 minutes after the course.

The Atlas V, a robotic probe lander was created to help space scientists to study the interior part of the mars. The spacecraft is also planned to armed a seismometer that will help scientists calculate the ground movement caused by a volcanic eruption, earthquake or explosives. All the data that will be gathered will be the basis of the work of the whole mission. The success of the mission also depends on the data gathered by the lander.

The launch of the Atlas V will aid scientists to have a clearer picture of not only the earth but also the ecosystem of it. They will also be able to conduct the scientific procedure to study the structure of Mars and its environment. The launch of the said spacecraft is essential to the discovery of new things and will help not only scientists but also people that are excited about space exploration updates.