SpaceX has a plan of launching an updated Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket. As much as they claim that it will happen soon, the exact date remains a mystery. According to the projections, the time was around the corner. It was to take place today on 7th May 2018. However, that did not happen. Its date on the site changed from today to TBD which means To Be Determined. What led to the uncertainty? Below is a quick summary of the events that took place leading to the hesitation of the launch,

Everything was going well until Friday evening. That was the time when the test fire of the rocket took place. As soon as it happened, there was an announcement regarding the take-off of Falcon 9 Block 5. According to SpaceX, there was a need for it to Countercheck data for some days. Subsequently, the 45th Space Wing of the Air Force killed the little hope left for the launch. They changed the date of the lift-off. To make the matter worse, they did not offer another one. Instead, they said that it is something that was waiting for a later determination. There are no doubts given that clarification. The reason is that the wing is in charge of the location around the launch pad. In addition to that, they manage the Atlantic Ocean’s safety zone.

Its delay consequently means the same fate for the Bangabandhu 1. It is the communication satellite that should serve Bangladesh. The venue would be at Kennedy Space Centre. Its launch pad would have been the Launch Complex 39A.

It’s surprising how everything changed though. Even the weather was on its side during its launch window that was to be around 4 p.m. to 6:25 p.m. today. As far as the 45th Weather Squadron was concerned, the weather at Cape was to be 70 % good.

Its design was to facilitate multiple launches. As of its 10th takeoff, it should have received little maintenance. The benefits to reap if that happens include efficiency as well as reduced cost.

The reusability aspect has occurred earlier. In 2015, there were the booster rockets. That was also similar in 2017 for the Dragon space capsules.

You cannot run away from destiny. Despite everything looking excellent, the launch was impossible. Time will offer us the answers regarding the way forward. If it becomes a success, a challenge awaits SpaceX. Within 24 hours, it will have developed a rocket booster for another mission.