With regards to developing as a civilization, expanding the frontiers of Space Technology is essential to the technological development as a population. This is often taken for granted and some governments are cutting back on it because of how costly they perceive it to be.

In orbit, there are more than 20,000 satellites, stage 1 shuttle part as well as other metal scraps in the lower orbit of the earth. Project Space Fence has been set out to help clean these up, and recycle the parts. These parts are not just in a dangerously low orbit, but frequently collide with each other to create more debris.

The orbital space debris which is plaguing the lower orbit is becoming increasingly risky for everyone. The NASA UARS satellite fell to Earth and that was one of the biggest space satellites to fall from space. The space junk orbiting earth can account up to about $300 billion in resources and keeps in accumulating each time we spend more space shuttles into space. With mishaps and collisions to other space debris as well as satellites, these objects break apart to make smaller pieces of junk that is not just hard to clean but also risky when colliding with a space craft.

As a people, we are here today due to the study that previous generations made so as to leave their mark on history. They planned ahead and assisted in creating the foundation to secure our future. As people, we should ensure that researching and investing in space technology to better the technology both in space and on Earth.

A Huge Project from NASA

One of the other projects of NASA is the potential research and development of space taxis, assisted by Boeing Corporation. The project is to utilize the Kennedy Space Center processing hanger as the place to begin construction of the space taxis.

These innovative shuttles will be utilized for military, commercial, as well as residential purposes. There are lots of exciting things taking place around Space Technology, Space Habitats, as well as upcoming Space Stations in the future; it would be a disgrace if NASA’s funding gets lessened and will be powerless to keep up with other countries.

A problem with current state and development of space tech is that NASA funding being cut. This is an option which has made lots of scientists upset. If the budget of NASA’s gets cut then the US will lose the thrust and momentum which it’s been gaining over the decades developing and pioneering new expertise to make the frontiers of space science bigger.