Traveling to the moon is just 20 seconds, can you imagine this! This is how from 170 years old stellar eruption from fast material sped away from the eruptive, unstable and extremely massive Eta Carinae star. Astronomers finalized that this is the fastest jettisoned gas that is measured from an outburst of stellar and did not have the result in the annihilation star completely. The most luminous star blast and known as the galaxy. It released as much as energy as a significant supernova explosion that would have left a stellar corpse. In this case, the double star system played a vital role in the colossal blast circumstances.

Since past seven years, a group of astronomers led by Nathan Smith, of the University of Arizona, and Armin Rest, of the Space Telescope Science Institute determined the growing stellar blast by observing light echoes from its surroundings and Eta Carinae. These light echoes happen while the light from bright, small events is reflected off a cloud of dust. This act like a faraway mirror redirecting light in the right direction. The reflected light ’s arriving signal is like an audio echo and this reflected light has a delay time after the usual event. A huge amount of mass back in the mid of 1800 and its known as a great eruption. 

The astronomers decode about the delayed signals of these light echoes and it allowed them with modern telescopes and instruments. Though the original eruption was seen in the mid of 19th century. This was a time when modern astronomical tool spectrograph was invented. Smith said that the light echo is the next excellent things to time travel. 

Our modern cameras and telescopes used for the beautiful light echoes to unravel the mysteries of a rare stellar eruption. That was witnessed 170 years ago. From a very rare monster star, the stellar explosion occurred and it has not happened since Milky Way galaxy. The major eruption promoted Eta Carinae temporarily to the second brightest star that is visible in the night sky and the energy output in every star in the Milky Way. After this star, it can be visible with naked eyes. The outburst is more than 10 times the mass of the sun and the outburst material formed a bright glowing gas cloud called the Homunculus. In the next half million years, Eta Carinae will undergo a real supernova explosion.