The space science has a big part in our daily lives. The research conducted into it can affect the way we live every day. It is believed that all living humans can have a solid future above the space and the next generation space explorers are already alive and prepared for journey to explore the moon.

The companies, as well as the space agencies are testing their new rockets, inflatable new stations, enhanced crew capsules, and futuristic concepts for the lunar base, orbiting lunar station, and Mars habitat. Also, there are plans prior to asteroid mining.

Our explorers won’t get themselves behind. Furthermore, it won’t take that long before our first ever super-heavy lift rockets like SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, the next generation Ariane, the Blue Origin rocket, and the other will be slating off space. We are anticipating a big and best future for the space science and human exploration on space.

Life in Space

The work of people who already gone to space had helped establish a process of understanding how to live and work there. The humans have created long-term presence in the low-Earth orbit with International Space Stations. The US astronauts had spent time on the moon between the 1960s and 1970s.

The plans for the human habitation on Mars planet or in the moon are already worked and some of the missions like the long-term assignment in the space of astronauts had test how the human body responds to the long missions when it is on other planets. Many of the missions scenes for the future had followed such familiar line – create a space station, establish a colony and science station, and take a leap to the planet Mars after testing the human in the near-Earth space. These plans require a long-term process. The first Mars explorers may more likely not set foot on the planet until the 2030s.

Beyond Roscomos and NASA

When it comes to sending people into space, US is not alone in this mission. Russia, China, Japan, and India are on this together, as well. People’s interest in space science and human exploration continues, regardless of the objective each nation has on the mind. Before the task gets into success, it needs to pass several complex routines before blasting off to moon and Mars can be accomplished. The nations and governments need to ensure that they assess their long-term commitment prior to space exploration.