Technology today improved for the better. The fuel used in nuclear weapons and submarines could be used in space crafts. The technology in space shuttles is no different in the sudden boom of technology. In recent updates, there is a future success in using solid and liquid fuels in these space crafts. 

The solid kind of fuel is a significant mixture that aims to boost the engine of shuttles through large fire produce during the large the craft. Reports state that its consistency lays on the pencil eraser component and the high energy made during the time of launch. 

Meanwhile, the liquid fuel is said to match the match the solid fuels through the tanks that are found in the boosters. To make this work, the temperature inside the containers is low. It is made into gas and left in the nozzle of the shuttle during the actual launch. It is also used by the SpaceX rockets during its mission in space. 

According to the ISP discussions, the ISP or the specific impulse made by the liquid fuel is higher compared to the liquid fuel. There is also the density of the fuel that is favored the engineers of Orbital ATK. 

This new development earned the favor of persons in the spaceflight industry. The easy use and consistency of the liquid fuels made a significant impact in the way spacecraft are traveling. Here, the lining of the tanks is not charred so taking on the next flight would be easy. Aside from this, the refilling stages take a short time due to the effectiveness of the fuel. 

The liquid fuel plays an essential role in the last flight of the shuttle. It pertains to the massive push required by the engines to function properly. The liquid fuels achieve this process compared to the solid fuel. The Orbital ATK has a newly launched rocket that is called the New Gen Launch. This particular machine plans to use the first stages of the liquid to make sure the Air Force Satellites are safely and quickly launched into the space orbit. 

There is a more excellent capability in its usage together with the mixed concept of the ISP. The result is a high trust made to the shuttle. The lower stages of the liquid fuel aim not only to achieve a fast flight but also a success in the start or the stop process of the space shuttles.