It has always been everyone’s dream to see a satellite with naked eyes whether actual or artificial. On the other hand, some have never taken time to think of what a satellite looks like. A satellite is easily and clearly visible with a binocular or a telescope. Nothing excites me than having a golden opportunity of spotting a satellite.

Many people who get an opportunity of spotting a satellite for the first time always look forward for more. Public observing event of satellites via telescope becomes part of their lives. There are various astronomy sites that you can use during a satellite public observing event. These include; starry check app or Heavens Above astronomy site. These will give you the best astronomical views that will entice your eyes.

What to expect when watching a satellite

If you are that kind of a person who has never taken time to imagine how a satellite looks like, it would be a challenge recognizing one. To start with, it is important to understand that the best time of watching a satellite is on a dark night with little moonlight. If you are keen enough, you will be able to enjoy seeing several satellites that are launched to orbit earth for specific purposes.

Satellites have unique abilities which include sending back images of earth. This is available on satellites like Landsat 8. Although it is might be a challenge given the right estimate of the number satellites in the skies, but it is speculated to be around 1,700 or more. There are different countries that have all these satellites classified but very few are ready to reveal the result of their research.

Heavens above has given a higher number compared to that released by the Union of Concerned Scientists. However, Heavens Above is said to have included some satellites that have already burnt down. The released might be a bit lower than the actual number.

Countries and companies that launch satellite do so for various reasons. Some of these reasons include doing astronomy, there are others used for communication, studying the earth and many more. Other satellites are launched by the military of different countries for defense purposes like taking photos of sensitive nuclear sites.

Truth is, there is much fun in studying satellites than you could ever imagine. At the same time, this leaves you with great understanding that is far beyond this world’s understanding. Give it a thought and you’ll be happy you did.