NASA is going to make a new exploration to an asteroid made of metal which is called ‘Psyche’. This asteroid Psyche is orbiting the sun between the Mars and the Jupiter. The mission was planned to launch in 2023, but for some cost reduction issue NASA is planning to do it in 2022; so that by increasing speed the spacecraft can reach Psyche in 2026.

A clipping of new video from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center increased the curiosity among the scientist as a result of which the mission is going to happen. Scientists think that this mission will give them the idea of the development of the earth and other rocky planets.

The principal investigator of the mission is the planetary scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University (ASU) whereas; the planetary scientist Jim Bell of ASU is the deputy principal investigator of the mission.

The scientist observed from the earth that the asteroid Psyche is a 124 mile of 200 kilometers wide and made of 95% of metal. It is almost like the center or core of a planet made of rock. As the rocky planet like earth and other, the scientist could not experiment with their core as they are extremely hot and hugely pressurized that they could not reach the core. This asteroid Psyche can give the scientist that opportunity that they can experiment with it in space as it is almost like the core of a rocky planet.

As scientist thinking, Psyche may be a part of another world which crashed in space and this tiny sized metallic body has remained there.

The scientists are going to experiment with the psyche that is it really an old core of any planet; they will detect the age of the asteroid from studying its surface and detect the topography of the asteroid. The scientists of this mission are planning to display the photos and videos of their investigation at the same time to other scientists and also the normal public so that all can share the discoveries at the same way.

The scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton is going to be the first lady who is leading such important deep space mission since Maria Zuber who worked on GRAIL.

The video of Psyche has to be circulated among more and more people, undergrads so that people can think that it is their own mission and incorporate them and can contribute with their valuable suggestions.