North Korea has started the process of dismantling the  only known site for testing nuclear. Satellite photos have shown this. This is in line with the promise that was given by country’s leader Kim Jong-un before their meeting with the United States president Donald Trump. The images that were recorded on May 7TH are the first crucial evidence that clearly shows the process of dismantling the sites is underway. These images that were provided by a website that is run by the retired US diplomats. The site that is known by the name ‘The Punggye-RI site’ that is located in the northeast side of North Korea has been used for testing of various nuclear tests. The site is located deep in the mountains. Kim did assure of his willingness to close the site after their meeting with the South Korean leader Moon Jae-in. He did explain that North Korea no longer required the site. There was news that did say that the site had crumbled and was not in a condition to continue being used. However, this news was refuted by Kim himself saying that they had two extra tunnels that were larger in comparison to the known sites and that they were ready for usage. 

North Korea has affirmed its commitment to dismantling the nuclear test site by the end of the month to show its commitment towards its promise. The two countries are slated to have high-level talks to be held on Wednesday to be able to discuss various steps that are required to keep the promise of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and officially bring to a close the Korean War. The new photographs have displayed the major buildings, that have been torn down and the rail line that does connect one of the entrances have been removed. The excavation process of the new tunnel seems to have halted in March. The news of closing the nuclear test site has been received well by the United States Government. Seoul and the United Nations secretary-general. The North Korea Foreign Ministry has expressed its interest in welcoming journalist from other countries to be able to see the sutdown of the site. One of the structure could be chosen to serve as the camera’s place to record the halting of the West Portal. The dialogue was agreed by South Korea. The United States and the North Korea relations have improved as a result of this deal. This is in contrast to the threats and insults that had been witnessed previously.