There has been a heated debate to know which one is the best rocket with a rocket fuel and a solid fuel rocket. Just as the society has divided itself, rocket science is also heading the same direction.

There two fundamental alternatives for rocket fuel when you talk of space launches. These are:

  1. Solid rocket fuel
  2. Liquid rocket

Solid rocket fuel

This is a rocket with an engine that uses solid composites. A concentrated blend of fuel and the oxidizer is discharged into the rocket booster, burnt to a pencil eraser at equilibrium and then set on fire for it to launch. For the rocket to get into the air, energy is a placed to the nozzle creating enough thrust. These rockets are the best for nuclear weapons.

Liquid rocket

These rockets use liquid propellant in their engines. The engine has two tanks one to put the liquid fuel and the other for oxidizer. The two substances are then cooled to very low temperature for them not to convert to gas. They are then mixed inside the engine, ignited and put through the nozzle. This produces a huge fire that will fly the rocket.

Advantages of solid fuel

  1. They are strong hence can be used for nuclear missiles due to their technology.
  2. They are stable and durable. They don’t have toxic problems like the liquid rocket.
  3. Solid rockets can jerk up a lot of thrusts quickly.

Advantages of liquid rocket

  1. They can strangulate up or down as required. This shows that they are safer.
  2. The turnaround times between flights are shorter as they work without burning the whole lining of their tanks.

Fuel in solid fuel rockets but be replaced as it decomposes while in liquid fuel rockets, the fuel can be re-used. As per the reasons above, it is clear that although solid rockets are ancients, it is proven that they are effective to use. 

Liquids fuel rocked are terms as cost-effective. They have been greatly embraced in the 20th century due to their safest way while in motion. It is not yet clear about which one of them is the best as they all serve the same purpose and does great work.  What we should know is that the only way to Mars and the moon is by the use of these rockets and nothing else. Liquid rockets or solid rockets, they are the future of space.