The largest solar system, which is installed in New York City in Staten Island, has published the completion by the Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York State Energy Research. The 3.1-megawatt solar array will set a significant portion of electricity used by Fordham Preparatory School and Fordham University in the Bronx. This is supporting by Andrew M. Cuomo’s, who is the Governor and by 2030, 50% of electricity can mandate from renewable energy sources. 

This solar installation project on Island Staten in the city of New York will offer clean energy and ensure to protect the environment, which is stated by said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. He noted that the system supports the potential goal of the Federal Government and ensure to protect the environment. He said they are combating the climate change in New York and working on it. 

During the ribbon cutting ceremony in Staten Island, this particular announcement was made. The solar array will generate the clean solar energy of four million kilowatt hours annually and comprised 9,000 solar panels as well. Fordham university used 20% of electricity, and Fordham Preparatory School’ used 37% electricity. The ground system was installed unused 10 acres industrial property of Staten Island 

The remote net metering uses by the solar project arrangement. With this specific arrangement, solar is installed and offset for providing electricity for various locations. When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, the electric grid can be beneficial to ensure the regulations and policies to compensate the solar production. 

Fordham University commits to providing new installation for the sustainability of the environment. Marco A. Valera, Vice President for Facilities Management at Fordham University said that they are happy to able to do a partnership with Governor Cuomo’s initiative, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) for New York. With this, he said that the solar array of Staten Island would offer 2.6-megawatt solar power to the university and they have entered with Intersolar agreement to install 1-megawatt solar array facility at Rose Hill, Bronx, campus. This makes Fordham act as a leader in solar power in the city of New York and the state.

Senior Vice President of Customer Energy Solutions for Con Edison, Matthew Ketschke said that they are pleased to associate with the addition of solar energy installation to the city’s clean energy landscape. They will apply this expertise to help the customers and ensure to bring renewable energy to grid resilient.