2018 is the year of the biggest rocket launching and space missions. There are so many rocket launching and space missions to be much awaited this year. 2017 has been a fantastic year for spaceflight and other aviation companies. If you are into space flights and space missions, you should never miss any of these rocket launching and space missions of 2018.

The Falcon Heavy of the SpaceX

Last February was the debut of the world’s most powerful rocket made by the SpaceX. The giant space rocket made by the SpaceX blasted the east coast of Florida last February just this year. The spectacular launching of the rocket was seen by millions of people in Florida and more than 3 million people viewed the amazing launching through the SpaceX official website through the sites live stream.

Elon Musk, the CEO of the SpaceX believes that the Falcon Heavy will provide help to upcoming space exploration and will assist the future missions of the NASA. NASA is planning for a next expedition to the moon after the first mission since 1972. The success of the Falcon Heavy was seen by millions of people and said to be another history in the world of space rocket launching.


The NASA’s connection explorer launching was delayed during the year 2017 and said to be launched during the first half this year. The Icon will probe the condition of the terrestrial weather and the Earth’s ionospheric weather as well as the space weather. Understanding the weather and regions of the outer space is very crucial. The Icon will be launched on Pegasus XL rocket which is carried out by flying aircraft.


The Chandrayaan is set to launch in March 2018. The name means moon vehicle and will be India’s second successful Moon mission. The rocket is consisting of a lander, orbiter, rover and is similar to China’s Yutu. This will be the first lunar landing made by India.


This one is worth the watch. The launching of Tess was set to take place this year by the NASA. The device is said to explore the entire celestial sphere for more than two years. Tess is far different from that of the Kepler. Tess will target all the nearby stars, the rocky world and other smaller celestial objects in space.

There are so many space missions and rocket launching to be awaited in the coming years. NASA, a space exploration agency is improving their procedures for the upcoming space missions by next year.