Apollo is a program of NASA that makes a total of eleven spaceflights. They created the first four flights to test the equipment used under the program. Six of the remaining seven flights had landed on the moon. The initial Apollo flight had happened in 1968 and the first flight that landed on the moon had taken place in the year 1969, as well as the last landing on the moon, is on 1972.

Under the Apollo program, there were twelve astronauts who have the chance to walk on the actual moon surface. While they were here, they conducted a scientific research and studied the lunar surface. They even collected the rocks that come from the moon and bring them back to Earth when they get down.

Spacecraft Used for the Apollo Program                          

The Apollo Command Module is created by NASA prior to the program. It is a capsule that contains a room for three astronauts and it is much larger compared to the spacecraft that is used for Gemini and Mercury programs.

Another spacecraft is the Lunar Module, which is used to land on the moon and has the capacity to carry at least two astronauts. This spacecraft is carrying astronauts from the orbit around the moon to its surface, then back into the orbit.

There is also rocket used under the Apollo program. The first one used in the flight is the smaller Saturn I rocket, which is just about the height of a 22-story building, with two stages. The other one is the powerful Saturn V rocket, with three stages and is about a height of a 36-story building. Saturn V’s first two stages are designed for fuel reaching orbit and the last stage is created to push Lunar Module and Apollo Command Module to the moon.

Why is Apollo Program Important?

Apollo program is the answer of NASA to the challenge brought out by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. He dared the nation to have an astronaut land on the moon before the decade ends. This is the experience for the astronaut to leave the Earth land and have a visit on another unknown world without knowing what awaits there.

The mission of Apollo Program had made possible for the astronaut to explore a more distant world, a world that everyone never thought possible to go. The program’s significance to the current and next generation brought out inspiration and education to all.