Thailand may not be in space now, but they are preparing for when the time comes. The country is researching on the kind of food that they could send to space. The nation’s space research agency has decided to send fruit to space.

The fruit they have settled on is the durian. The fruit is regarded as the smelliest fruit on East Asia. The agency will send baked durian to space by July. The agency will launch the fruit via a rocket. The fruit which is native to South East Asia. 

The Thais say that the fruit is tasty but only smells when it goes bad. Due to the stinky nature of the fruit, the fruit is often banned from enclosed spaces. Thais are not the only Asians who love this fruit; people from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia also love it. 

They revealed that they chose durian because it is the king of all Thai food. The fruit would spend five minutes in space and then they would bring it back. They would package and seal the fruit before they send it to space. They would then test for any changes in the texture of the fruit. 

Two companies are in charge of preparing and packaging the fruit for space. They are Daily Food Limited and Signature Marketing Co. although, the agency established that a U.S launcher would transport the fruit space, they are yet to reveal the name of the launcher. 

If this works, they will send more fruits to space to see how they fare there. The country is also considering sending the rice berry is all prove successful with the durian. Even if Thailand is not ready to send astronauts to space just yet, they are making preparations. 

When the time comes, one thing is certain; the food the astronauts will eat would not be a problem. They would have a variety of dishes to eat when the time comes. 

Thailand does not have a thriving space industry yet, but the country is making progress in building an industry. In this space age, it is prevalent to see countries making launching satellites to improve communications. 

Mu Space, a Thai based space company, founded in 2017 will launch communication satellites aboard one of Blue Origin’s launch vehicles, New Glenn 2020. These satellites will improve internet services in rural Thailand. The startup is also aiming at space tourism in the future.