Planet, company which owns and operates fleet of miniature satellites, acquired Terra Bella from Google to enhance own services with fleet of high resolution satellites.

Google sold Planet one of its main competitors on the market. Planet, which operates at the moment fleet of 60 Cubesat satellites deployed mainly from International Space Station, starts in this way new era of development. In February Company will add another 88 Cubesats deployed from Indian PSLV rocket and also take control over satellites owned by Terra Bella, known previously as Skybox. These two steps will result in increasing number of satellites operated by Planet, to over 168 in the end of the 2017. Company will operate 7 SkySat high resolution satellites, it will add them to another satellites acquired after purchasing another competitor –  5 RapidEye satellites which are operated by Blackbridge Ltd., which was purchased in 2015. It is worth to remind, that Terra Bella planned delivering to orbit 8 SkySat satellites representing second generation on the top of the Minotaur rocket in 2017.

Still, Planet is not able to offer imaging services in such impressive quality like DigitalGlobe, but with their spectacular live video broadcast in high resolution is serious competitor for every company in this segment of space industry. Now with high resolution fleet owned by Terra Bella will seriously increase chances to became a leader.